Welcome to The Al Mourad Experience: "The Purpose"


Embark on a transformative journey that has guided individuals for over a decade in Egypt and is now coming to the United States. The Al Mourad Experience is more than just a workshop; it's a profound exploration into the essence of existence and the pursuit of purpose.

Discovering the Essence

At the heart of The Al Mourad Experience lies a fundamental choice: the self-centeredness paradigm versus the god-centrism paradigm. We delve into the distinction between these two perspectives, inviting participants to reflect deeply and make a conscious decision that will shape their journey.

Shedding Ego, Embracing Clarity

Our approach is multi-faceted. We recognize the barriers that personal and collective ego pose on our path to fulfillment. Through guided exercises and introspective practices, Waeil gently peels away these layers, allowing the true essence of each individual to shine forth.

Unveiling Purpose

Whether one chooses the self-centeredness paradigm or the god-centrism paradigm, our aim remains constant: to illuminate the path towards purpose. For those embracing self-centeredness, Waeil facilitates the journey of stripping away ego to reveal one's unique purpose. For those embracing god-centrism, Waeil guides the exploration of divine purpose, inviting individuals to align with a higher calling.

Guided Clarity

Throughout The Al Mourad Experience, Waeil provides personalized guidance and support. Through deep conversations, reflective exercises, and profound insights, participants gain clarity on their unique path to purpose.

Join us on this transformative voyage of self-discovery, where the destination is not just a goal but a profound understanding of "The Purpose" that guides our lives.