The Art of Taming the Self: A Journey Towards Spiritual Mastery

Dear Reader, when one of us visits a hospital for a general checkup, we go into hospital empty-handed, but we come out with an entire folder filled with documents containing words that supply us with a wealth of information about the different apparatuses of our bodies, having undergone scans and tests of our bodies. It is the same with The Mourad Experiment. It has no previously created papers or information that you read before the experiment; it is like going into a hospital for a checkup. You start this experience, dear reader, with your hands void of any documents, but you leave with a sheaf of paper, containing words that supply a wealth of information about the miracle that God has granted you, about: yourself.

Dear Reader, we will try to arrive at the end of this book with the largest amount possible of information in your possession that you can learn about your own personal miracle. Therefore, in many parts of it, you will find blank spaces waiting for you to fill out, indicated with instructions on what to include in them.

This book is about The Mourad Experiment, which I had the honor of undergoing with a number of those whom you could call my teachers, although my teachers allowed me in this experiment to play the role of the instructor. In truth, it was I who learned from them, many times more than what they learned from me. With their mediation, I developed many times more than they did, and grew more mature likewise because of them. This is to give credit where it is due and to clarify the truth, not out of favoritism or false modesty.

Just as this experience – Mourad – has a goal which we have made clear, it also has a target audience. This audience is a few people who are searched for and alerted and urged to seek out and achieve God’s Mourad for them in the service of His creation. They seek it out in God’s green earth, and they seek it out also for God’s own sake.

Also, a great many times throughout this experience, we will speak of the difference between God-centrism and self-centeredness. Therefore, it is important to underscore the following:

  • Reading I before The Mourad Experiment is a prerequisite to undergoing it, as we are building on what is in it. Not reading it will result in much confusion and delay. Therefore, I advise you and those who share your experience to do the same thing.
  • The two paradigms will be presented during this experiment; at the same time, I would like to state very clearly that I consider, on the personal level, part of God’s Mourad for me to be the achievement, dissemination, and consciousness-raising – for everyone who has chosen to worship God – of the concept of God-centrism. At the same time, I respect the will of everyone who has chosen the alternative. I also call for cooperation and labor in shared spaces, which are vast.

Secondly, we have spoken in detail about the Self and its generals, and the personal and collective Ego; we have devoted a segment to each of these in I, about the Self and the Us. What is different in the experiment is that we are not clarifying and explaining these two generals, but entering into a hard battle of consciousness to work on raising awareness of the Ego and clarifying its effect on different areas of our lives. But there remains the decision to tame the Self and the personal and collective Ego, which lies in the hands of every individual, whether they choose to practice it or not. That is a decision up to the person alone.

During this experience, we work to provide a general atmosphere of encouragement for the participants to facilitate this taming process. This facilitates things for them in this experiment. As a result of the general climate, and also the experience of awareness/purification/downsizing the Ego, we get things that prepare us for the start of a perception and awareness of the dimensions of putting the Divine Spirit within us in the driver’s seat, and the direct impact of this upon controlling one’s Self and taming its generals; also, the beginning of awareness of the value of activating God’s compassion within our hearts toward His creatures, and toward ourselves as well, and the positive effects this has on taming the Self, controlling it, and downsizing it. These effects, in the general climate, have a great beneficial effect on the attendees.

After our experiment is done, things are different, harder. Will we succeed in remaining aware, and hence taming the Self and controlling the personal and collective Ego, or not? Will the beginnings continue, or not?

The wise use of the miracle that God has gifted you with, and the sustainability of this usage, are largely reliant on the above. This is your personal challenge, which relies completely on you.

Over previous years, I believe that those who have succeeded in achieving this range between 35% and 40% of all those who have undergone The Mourad Experiment.

In this book, we will speak of what we do and undertake in The Mourad Experiment as an interactive human experience; still, we cannot convey all that we do to achieve this within these pages, as there are things which cannot be described, such as flavor. Neither I, nor anyone else, however hard we try, can describe to you the flavor of a fig or an olive. Only when you taste them can you know their flavor. He who tastes, knows.

Our experience, and your personal experience, starts with an existential question: Why do you think God created you at this time? In other words: What do you think God’s Mourad is for you?

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