In GOD we trust – an open letter to President Joseph R. Biden

Dear Mr. President,

In the wake of your election victory, you boldly declared, “America is Back,” reaffirming its role as the global leader in championing freedom and democracy. As I reflect on the inscription, “In God we trust,” emblazoned on American banknotes, I am reminded of a poignant tale about the battle between good and evil within us, symbolized by two wolves. The prevailing one, it is said, is the one we choose to nourish.

I believe that the wolf representing goodness is aligned with a higher purpose, while its counterpart serves only the self. Over the past four years, it appears we’ve unwittingly fed the latter, resulting in a surge of collective ego, heightened animosity towards others, and the dangerous rise of tribalism.

Yet, I remain hopeful. I believe you have the opportunity to demonstrate how to nurture the wolf of goodness – the one that unites, serves a greater cause, and embodies the divine purpose of providing hope, freedom, and dignity to all.

Let us begin with the fight against COVID-19. As the world’s foremost nation, it is incumbent upon America to lead us through this modern plague. However, I do not propose that America shoulder this burden alone. Rather, I envision two coalitions: one comprising allies and the other, rivals.

The coalition of allies would heed the global call to assist nations unable to afford vaccinations, rallying developed nations to provide vital aid and resources. Concurrently, the coalition of rivals would undertake the logistical challenge of distributing these vaccines.

The United States Armed Forces possess unparalleled logistical capabilities. Imagine, Mr. President, if you were to unite the world’s second and third-best logistical operators – the Chinese and Russian military forces – to join forces in this endeavor. Together, they could efficiently deliver vaccines to every corner of the globe, sending a powerful message that even in adversity, rivals can unite for the greater good.

This convergence of interests, bridging authoritarianism and democracy, would be unprecedented. Yet, is not America, the torchbearer of freedom, uniquely positioned to orchestrate such a feat? Is this not the essence of the American Dream – that anything is achievable through collective effort and that freedom from suffering is a unifying force?

I implore you, Mr. President, to bring America’s rivals together in a display of selflessness, demonstrating to the world that trust in a higher ideal can overcome even the gravest challenges. Let this be a testament to the motto inscribed on our currency: “In God we Trust.”

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