About Waeil

Waeil Borhan's life is a testament to his passion for empowering influential leaders worldwide and his unwavering belief in their potential.

Renowned for his remarkable ability to bridge diverse perspectives, Waeil effortlessly connects individuals from vastly different backgrounds. His talent lies in identifying common ground among opposing leaders, inspiring them to explore mutual interests despite cultural, religious, political, or social disparities. With a track record of success spanning decades, Waeil has forged countless alliances through this unique approach.

A multifaceted thinker, writer, mentor, speaker, and investor, Waeil is above all a dedicated lifelong learner. He advocates for embracing the divine ownership of all existence, including our bodies, minds, and spirits. Through this belief, he contends that individuals can transcend ego-centric tendencies, allowing space for spiritual growth.

Waeil's groundbreaking theories on the self-centeredness paradigm versus God-centrism have illuminated countless minds, fostering understanding, peace, and collaboration. His books challenge readers to explore thought-provoking questions rather than provide simplistic answers, believing that true development begins with inquiry and diversity of perspective.

Transitioning from architecture to entrepreneurship, Waeil now focuses on venture capital and startups, driving innovation and economic growth. A philanthropist at heart, he has left an indelible mark on Egypt's civil community through various social institutions, with the BLDNA Foundation holding a special significance.

Yet, amidst his global endeavors, Africa remains Waeil's spiritual home, a place where he finds solace and inspiration. While dividing his time between Egypt and Santa Monica, California, he remains a devoted husband, loving father, and cherished friend to many worldwide.

Together with his wife Hala, Waeil is embarking on a new philanthropic venture in California, dedicated to preserving and disseminating his lectures and books. His legacy is one of enlightenment, compassion, and boundless curiosity, inspiring others to embrace the divine journey towards a more harmonious world.