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"When you are living for God each and every day, it's a very meaningful life."

Waeil Borhan's life is a testament to his passion for empowering influential leaders worldwide and his unwavering belief in their potential. Renowned for his remarkable ability to bridge diverse perspectives, Waeil effortlessly connects individuals from vastly different backgrounds. His talent lies in identifying common ground among opposing leaders, inspiring them to explore mutual interests despite cultural, religious, political, or social disparities. With a track record of success spanning decades, Waeil has forged countless alliances through this unique approach.

Arabic bestseller now available in English

Al Mourad by Waeil Borhan

Irrespective of your professed faith, the pages of this book beckon you to embark on a profound exploration that transcends conventional beliefs.
Arabic bestseller now available in English

I by Waeil Borhan

This book delves into the profound concept of the Self as the ultimate graven image. I'll be your guide as we explore civilizations, paradigms, human nature, and our relationship with the divine.

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